Legacy of the Dragonborn
Classic only. In SSE there's no Wine Cellar, the Cabinet is found in the Museum Storeroom.

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The Wine Cellar can be accessed through the door that is in front of you when entering the Staff Barracks from the Reception Hall (see first picture).

The Wine Cellar holds a cabinet where you can display certain wines, ales, and spirits and the Distilling Station can be used to replicate them. See the individual item pages or the Distilling Station page for info on materials needed.

Liquor Cabinet

Dragon's Breath Mead Argonian Ale Mead with Juniper Berry
Firebrand Wine Cyrodilic Brandy Stros M'Kai Rum
Jessica's Wine Redwater Skooma Kordir's Skooma
Balmora Blue Double-Distilled Skooma
Velvet LeChance White-Gold Tower Cliff Racer

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