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Hall of the Dead in Windhelm, behind an expert locked gate in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The gate can be opened with the Gate Key found in the Hall of Dead bedroom.


  • The display can take both the original and the replica.
  • You need to have the original in your inventory for the replica recipe to be available.


Made at the Replica Station in the Curator's Office with the following materials:


  • Vosis, along with Korthor and Haldriin, is notable for not having a corresponding dragon priest in Skyrim. All were introduced in Elder Scrolls: Online.
    • Vosis is encountered in the ruins of Forelhost, although unlike Rahgot (who is umentioned), his tomb is located in the exterior. He is eventually slain by the Ebonheart Pact, perhaps one of which would become the "Unknown Soldier". [1]


Hall of the Dead in Windhelm

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