SSE Version

This room is added to the Hall of Oddities if Vigilant SE and its corresponding patch are installed. It houses various armor sets, relics, weapons and rings found during the story of Vigilant.

Entrance Hall


Laza vigil SSE.png
Laza of Order Helmet
Laza of Order Cuirass
Laza of Order Gauntlets
Laza of Order Boots
Greatsword of the Stone Pursuer


Morihaus vigil SSE.png
Morihaus' Helmet
Morihaus' Cuirass
Morihaus' Gauntlets
Morihaus' Boots
Morihaus' Greatsword

Center Table

Tableright vigil SSE.png  Tableleft vigil SSE.png
Old Histus Flask Bard's Dagger
Horn of Stendarr Vigilant's Mail Breaker
Flask of Hist Sap

Left Wall

Pelinal Set

Pelinal vigil SSE.png
Bloody Helmet
Bloody Cuirass
Bloody Gauntlets
Bloody Boots
Broken Sword

Chapter Displays

Act 1 Display

Vigilant good1.png  Vigilant bad1.png
Good Ending - Defeat Molag-Bal
Bad Ending - Side with Molag-Bal

Act 2 Display

Vigilant good2.png  Vigilant bad2.png
Good Ending - Defeat Lamae
Bad Ending - Side with Lamae

Display Podium

Adabal vigil SSE.png
Ada Bal

Act 3 Display

Good Ending - Replica of burning mansion with portal to Coldharbour
Bad Ending - As the bad ending is not lore friendly to Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE, the Good Ending is displayed.

Act 4 Display

Vigilant true end.png  Vigilant badend.png

Vigilant bitterend.png  Vigilant madend.png

Vigilant worstend.png
True Ending - Tree of Life, Bard's Lute and Lamae's Grave
Bad Ending - Molag Bal's Anchor descending into Aetherius
Bitter Ending - Impaled Molag Bal and Ada Bal
Madness Ending - Spawn, Tree and Buried Shrine
Worst Ending - Sovengard throne and Ada Bal

Back Wall

Case One

Backwall1 vigil SSE.png
Bloody Knife
Blade of Mercy
Blacksmith's Hammer
Staff of Pelan the Priest of Eight Divines
Staff of Pope Megus
Varla's Shotel
Beggar's Log
Gardener's Shotel

Umaril Set

Umaril vigil SSE.png
Umaril's Helmet
Umaril's Cuirass
Umaril's Gauntlets
Umaril's Boots
Umaril's Sword

Case Two

Backwall2 vigil SSE.png
Greatsword of Anui-El
Paladin Spear
Moonsword of Jode
Cursed Greatsword
Belharza's Dragonmaster Knight Spear
Emperor Gorieus' Sword
Knight of Kynareth Spear
Skinning Knife

Right Wall

Sword Rack

Rightrack vigil SSE.png
Daedric Scythe
Vigilant Greatsword
Vigilant Sword
Rapier of the Whisperer
Rapier of the Black Worm

First Case

Rightwall1 vigil SSE.png
Arcane of Jhunal
St. Dulsa's Nail
Old Kyne's Feather
Bone of Jhunal
Soulless Remains
Hide of Abbot Silorn
Ash of St. Sard


Alessia head vigil SSE.png
Head of St. Alessia

Second Case

Rightwall2 vigil SSE.png
Crown of Leeches
Egg of the Guardian of the Wasteland
Chef's Ladle
Frying Pan
Warden's Helmet
Lilian's Doll
Atima's Favorite Doll

Third Case

Rightwall3 vigil SSE.png
Rose of Lamae or
Withered Rose of Lamae
Witch Doll
Heart of Dro'Zel
Helm of the Guardian of the Wasteland
Soul Drinker
Light of Magnus
Eye of Marukh


Rings vigil SSE.png
First Row
Sard's Blue Eye Ring
Sard's Red Eye Ring
Kyne's Red Tear Ring
Kyne's Blue Tear Ring
Sithis' Eye Ring
Nirn's Origin Ring
Wooden Ring
Phynaster's Step Ring
Jhunal's Silver Ring
Jhunal's Gold Ring
Magnus' Return Ring
Second Row
Black Cat Ring
Red Cat Ring
Gold Cat Ring
White Cat Ring
Orkey's Frost Clutch
Orkey's Flame Clutch
Orkey's Spell Clutch
Orkey's Shock Clutch
Flame Quartz Ring
Frost Quartz Ring
Magic Quartz Ring
Shock Quartz Ring
Third Row
Dragon Soul Stone Beacon of Order

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