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Acquisition in SSE

Looted from the corps of Vahlok the Jailor during Lost Legacy.

Acquisition in Classic Skyrim

Skaal Village in Solstheim on the second floor of the Greathall. The display case is locked (key required), During Shattered Legacy you can talk to Frea to receive the key.


Part of the items that need to be retrieved during Shattered Legacy in Skyrim Classic Edition.


  • The original is turned in to Miraak Reborn during the quest in Skyrim Classic Edition.
  • The item needs only to have passed through your inventory in order for the replica option to be available in Skyrim Classic Edition.
  • The item must be retrieved during the correct stage of the quest. Cheating to get this item earlier can cause Shattered legacy to miss fire quest stages!


Created at the Replica Station


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