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  • DocDoBig

    Might be not as active

    October 18, 2016 by DocDoBig

    Beside Skyrim I play Battlefield with a passion, Battlefield 1 launched today and I'm going to play the f out of it for an unforeseeable time

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  • DocDoBig

    ToDo this weekend

    October 7, 2016 by DocDoBig
    • Make Seashell map FINALLY, I was thinking about how I do it the best, I will just fly up to the sky with tcl and make some screenshots of the map that way and hope it doesn't look all too shabby
    • Work on LLN pages
    • Play the Dragonborn DLC on Tucia :P
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  • DocDoBig

    So usually I'd have a 30 seconds+ loading screen when I go through doors, I used to live with it as I'm coming from XBOX, but goddamn did it begin to annoy me to the point where simple fetch and get quests were just progressed with the coc and movetoqt command, as it is my first serious non-test playthrough I really despised doing that all the time.

    But the fix was right under my nose, I had to just disable Auto Save on Travel: and now everything loads like it's a fresh save again, I have to fiddle with large 40 mb save games now so I guess every time I'm changing cells it has to write that 40mb file

    Now I just have to rely on hard and quick saves which isn't really a problem as my load order is surprisingly st…

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  • DocDoBig

    Unused objects in Legacy

    September 22, 2016 by DocDoBig

    In my adventures with CK I stumbled over some things that are inside Legacy but aren't really used, just to remind myself I make this list and perhaps ask ice one day what the plan for those is:

    • Sigvarr's Journal - dunOgmundsTomb_SigvarrsJournal from the Ogmunds Tomb quest mod which is included in Legacy, can be obtained by cocing to DBM_util and take it from a chest
    • Vosis Dragon Priest - if you write help Vosis in the console you will see there are 3 NPC's called Vosis all from Legacy, they aren't used anywhere
    • All cells from Morsel - The Cursed Halls are included in it's entirety but aren't used anywhere coc codes here:, I asked ice about it and it will be used for Odyssey, Quote "It's going to be the base tem…
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  • DocDoBig

    I love returning home

    September 20, 2016 by DocDoBig

    And see all my slav.... I mean followers I dismissed over time, gathered up around the dining table to enjoy some food with Auryen and Avram:

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