Well, what should I say. I'm playing Skyrim since the good old days of Oldrim, paused, came back with Skyrim SSE and stumbled upon LotD v4 on the Nexus (I think it was about half a year before v5 came out). Since then, as some users said, I'm not playing Skyrim anymore, I'm playing Legacy of the Dragonborn :-).

My favorite pages

Hmm, no special pages. Yes, the quest descriptions ARE helpful, and the item pages are an invaluable source for finding the different relics. Right now I'm in the middle of checking and updating the library (updating for SSE, adding missing infos & images etc pp). Also I'm REMOVING random locations that are not part of the fixed locations appearing in the Creation Kit. IMHO it makes no frigging sense to list every possible location added by a Formlist entry, only to find out in your next playthrough that the book's not there anymore.

Experimental stuff: User:Steelrat67/sandbox

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