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=Category Test=
****War Axe
***Treasure Map
***Captured Fairies
**Dragon Claw
****Main Room
***Daedric Exhibit Hall
***Dragonborn Hall
***Gallery of Natural Science
***Hall of Heroes
***Hall of Lost Empires
***Hall of Oddities
***Hall of Secrets
***Jewelry Display
****1st Floor
****2nd Floor
****3rd Floor
***Reception Hall
***Upper Gallery
***Wine Cellar
***Armor Displays
***Black Books Room
***Deadric Room
***Elder Scrolls Room
***Jewelry Display
***Mask Room
***Weapon Displays
**Guild House
**Player Homes
****Cloaks Dresser
****Crafting Station
**Candidate for deletion
**Cheat Sheet
**Easter Egg
**Integrated Mods
**Legacy of the Dragonborn
**Template Documentation
**Cloaks of Skyrim
**Grat Jar Hunt
**Heavy Armory
**Immersive Armors
**Immersive Weapons
**Konahrik's Accoutrements
**Moon and Star
**Moonpath to Elsweyr
**More interesting Loot
**Skyrim Unique Treasures
**Something Fishy
**The Grey Cowl of Nocturnal
**The Mad Masker
**Trophy Heads
**Wheels of Lull
**Explorer Society

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