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==Welcome to the Legacy of the Dragonborn Wiki==
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Legacy of the Dragonborn.jpg|The Museum|link=The_Museum|linktext=Learn about everything you can collect and show to the world!
Main Quest.jpg|Quests|link=Quest_Index|linktext=New lands, new mysteries, new adventures!
Start of LAL.jpg|Extras|link=Extras|linktext=All those other details this mod has to offer!
==About the Wiki==
This wiki provides information about the Skyrim Mod: [ Legacy of the Dragonborn] by [ IceCreamAssasin].
There is a [ Spanish Version] of this wikia available, which is being built and translated by [[User:Micromegasta |Micromegasta]]. Read more about its progress [[Legacy of the Dragonborn: Spanish Wikia |here]].
==About the Mod==
The Legacy of the Dragonborn is steeped in prophecy, myth, legend and history itself. Explore forgotten lore and uncover the lost relics of the 7 Dragonborn of the bygone eras of Tamriel. From those merely mentioned in title to those who wielded the power of the voice, many legendary and influential people held the title of “Dragonborn” and they all link to the lost covenant of Akatosh.
“Legacy of the Dragonborn” creates a sizeable addition to your Skyrim game by providing a fully featured museum in Solitude, and with the help of the curator Auryen Morellus, you can store, display and utilize your entire collection as you see fit, all the while being aided and guided by Auryen in between your adventures. Auryen acts as a quest hub for the numerous stages of the “Shattered Legacy” questline, and also offers a variety of rewards for filling the museum displays. There are several more quests linked to the museum that, upon completion, will provide even more items for display. Patrons will also tour your collection and provide donations on a regular basis which you can collect.
The Museum is also the birthplace of the [[Explorer's Society]], a new guild founded by [[Auryen Morellus]] and yourself with the aim to explore and discover lost places, artifacts and history. Build the gallery from the ground up as the guild master, then recruit new members, each with their own unique back stories and special guild functions. Explore ruins and excavate relic fragments to re-assemble into artifacts to display in the museum. Set up a guild store with the quartermaster and much more.
The mod is in its final phase and the museum now houses displays for 2263 items. (when fully loaded with all supported mods and patched mods) for unique weapons, armors, items, quest related items, paintings, jewelry and more.
You can visit [ IceCreamAssasin Blog] for more information about the progression of the mod.

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