A hostile when approached Orc. He can be usually found at the unmarked Location of Dead Lovers Camp, just the path uphill of Old Hroldan Inn.

He can be very tough for low level characters as his level is already fixed to level 70. However, due to constant attacks of Cave Bears and Dragons, the player can find him to be already dead upon arrival.


  • Umbra is no longer found in Legacy version 5 and up.




He needs to be found as objective of the fifth Auryen's Notes Quest to obtain Umbra the sword.


Umbra made an appearance in Morrowind as Orc Warrior and in Oblivion as Bosmer Warrior.

Combat and Behavior Skills

Stats at level 70
Health 1355
Magicka 450
Stamina 680
One-Handed 100
Two-Handed 100
Archery 100
Block 100
Smithing 20
Heavy Armor 100
Light Armor 15
Pickpocket 15
Lockpicking 15
Sneak 15
Alchemy 15
Speech 15
Alteration 15
Conjuration 15
Destruction 15
Illusion 15
Restoration 15
Enchanting 20

Known spells and perks

  • Bash Disarm
  • Bleeding Damage
  • Matching Set
  • Greater Magic Resistance
  • Orc Berserk
  • Sparks


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