Legacy of the Dragonborn

After picking up Kamahl's Map from the Explorer's Society Guild House, the Dragonborn is given the location of a number of relics previously owned by great explorers and is tasked to find them. The relics can be displayed in the Guild House display cabinet but do not auto-sort.


Find Kamahl's Map

The map is located next to one of the beds upstairs in the Explorer's Society Guildhouse.

Collect all the Explorer Relics

Follow the map markers to find all the explorer relics.


The relics and names of the explorers actually relate to members of the development team or key contributors to Legacy of the Dragonborn's development.

  • Schneider - Bschneider72 (extensive beta tester)
  • Sands - named for Sands who inspired the concept of explorer relics with his wish for a "forever torch"
  • Deano - Refers to BigDeano89, the long standing community moderator on the Nexus mod pages.
  • Alvaro - a repeat generous donor
  • Aleksey- Named for RonnieMagnum for his extensive asset contributions
  • Luca- Named for MyBad who built Sancre Tor and Pale pass as well as many areas for Odyssey Act 1
  • Merrian - Refers to Merrian, the fine caretaker of this very wiki.
  • Malrus - Refers to JCBQ, community moderator and contributor to Legacy's development.
  • Sir Jesto - Refers to SirJesto, main author of Legacy's numerous patches and contributor to Legacy.
  • Sanamia - Co-manager of this wiki and typo editor during one of the beta test runs of the past
  • Picky - Refers to Pickysaurus, assistant modder since V19 and main developer of Skyrim Special Edition version.
  • Arkayn - Long standing Beta tester and contributor to Legacy.
  • Stone - refers to Stonehands, a moderator on Nexus and Discord, and a writer for Legacy
  • Kriana - refers to Kriana, the v5 testing coordinator and a writer for Legacy
  • Rains - refers to HigheverRains, 3D and interior designer
  • Micmou - Refers to Micmou, who won the the Australian wild fire relief effort auction and was given this item as a prize.

Technically, Ice's Stalhrim Spoon of Assassination is a relic devoted to the mod creator Icecreamassassin, but it is not considered an Explorer's Relic.

Quest Stages

Tools of the Trade (DBM_ExplorerRelicFindQST)
Stage Journal Entry
1 [Technical Stage - Quest waits here until the map is found. Actual acquisition of the relics is controlled by script DBM_ExplorerRelicFinder on the player alias]
5 "I've found a map left for me by Marassi which indicates the location of a number of elaborate explorer tools that may make my relic hunting efforts much easier. I should make it a point to look for them."

Objective 0: Find Scheider's Sextant

Objective 1: Find Sands' Torch

Objective 2: Find Deano's Bottomless Pack

Objective 3: Find Alvaro's Tools

Objective 4: Find Aleksey's Key

Objective 5: Find Luca's Pickaxe

Objective 6: Find Merrian's Spyglass

Objective 7: Find Malrus' Codex

Objective 8: Find Sir Jesto's Patchwork Cloak

Objective 9: Find Sanamia's Journal Vol 1

Objective 10: Find Sanamia's Journal Vol 2

Objective 11: Find Sanamia's Journal Vol 3

Objective 12: Find Sanamia's Journal Vol 4

Objective 13: Find Sanamia's Journal Vol 5

Objective 14: Find Sanamia's Journal Vol 6

Objective 15: Find Picky's Beacon

Objective 16: Find Picky's Resonator

Objective 17: Find Arkayn's Tool Bag

10 "I've successfully gathered all of the known explorer relics on Kamahl's Map."

[Technical Stage - completes any outstanding objectives and completes the quest.]