College of Winterhold, in one of three possible locations in the Hall of Countenance during the quest 'Tolfdir the Absent-Minded'.

  • First: On the top floor, in the northern room atop a barrel to the right of the central table.
  • Second: On the top floor, underneath the left display case in the enchanting room.
  • Third: On the bottom floor, on a crate in the eastern room.


The quest item for the quest Tolfdir the Absent-Minded. Given to Tolfdir at the completion of the quest.


  • The original is turned in during the quest, so only the replica can be displayed.
  • You only need to have had the item in your inventory for the replica recipe to be unlocked.


Made at the Replica Station in the Curator's Office with the following materials:


College of Winterhold

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