I found this really awesome piece writting by ICE about his future plans. He does mention Odyssey quite a lot in his comments on the post-section and on his blog, but I was thinking maybe we could add a page for it? 

    He hasn't given us much but maybe people will see it faster here than far down on his "article" page?

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    • Legacy will be literally the master file for all of Oyssey acts

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    • I know, but he mentions for example that Auryen will ask the Dragonborn to come to the Safehouse lookout to behold the floating city of Umbriel and Umbra is going crazy. So he is planning on implementing some parts of those odysseys into the museum itself.

      ICE is crazy :P

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    • When its time, the wiki will be there to document every piece of work!

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    • Odyssey does not warant a page yet. First time I heard about it the mod still had a diffrent name and the museum was a single cell.

      Currently we can't stuff it anywhere where it would be linked up to other pages and it doesn't yet warant it's own nav-bar entry. (I have a spot in mind to stuff it in, in all it's acts, when the time comes). In the time Odyssey has been on the table so many entries in the museum changed that even the known spots that are resereved for it could change by the time it happens.

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