• Hi Agerweb :)

    I attempted to rename some pages, but I did not know how it worked. I didn't know renaming a page would redirect the "old version" of it to the new one, and so I am now left with a lot of blank pages that aren't used for anything. Can you delete them for me?

    They are:

    Free to be used

    Free to be used 2

    Free to be used 3

    Free to be used 4

    Free to be used 5

    Free to be used 6

    East Hall

    Kind regards,


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    • Yes, you have to select 'no redirect' otherwise you end up with two pages and a mess. Not sure you can 'not redirect' unless your admin so if you want to rename anything you will have to ask me to do it or artuman8 who is also admin. Pages deleted..

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