• My Dovahkin is currently standing on top of some rocks somewhere on the stone path between Whiterun Stables and the Western Watchtower.

    I've been running around, fast traveling back and forth. 

    I've completed "The Way Of The Voice" and "The Shadows Of One's Past", and Auryen has giving me the Sword Of Ancient Tongues.

    Fair to say, I'm starting to think something is wrong -.- 

    If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know, I'm losing my mind. 

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    • The start of Shattered Legacy had quite a few issues that have been resolved between 5.0.26 and 5.1.2. Are you sure you are on the latest version? Did you update after getting the SOAT? 

      Whatever the case, you're best off checking with the developers on the Nexus page with these issues.

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    • I've just checked which version, so now I feel stupid XD 

      Thanks for the help! 

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