• For some reason I'm experiencing some weird glitch where everything I store in the safe house is no longer owned by the pc so when I try to retrieve things the game considers it stealing.

    I'm trying to remedy this using the setcellownership command but setcellownership DBM_DGsafehouse returns invalid cell id so I assume the cell id has to be a number like an NPC's refernce id is.

    Anyone know where to find those cell IDs for legacy of the dragonborn locations?

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    • In cases like this using the CC is always a bad idea (which is why I assume you came here instead of the Nexus page), but all of these things can be found in SSEEdit. It's a great tool.

      Having said that, I use CC all the time too for minor things and I know the risks involved. I hate being condecended to by...certain individuals. So the cell ID is DBMDGSafehouse without the "_". I think they removed all the "_" in V5.

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