• What's wrong with RefIDSSE in item templates? It does not show the ref ID when used on a template.

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    • So I have been doing a lot of figuring out how to do templates. I have fired a lot of questions and thoughts about it at MerrianMay, on what would be the best way to go about it. She's quite busy, but says she'll get back to me about it all tomorrow.

      The refid section is actually quite difficult, since it pulls from the origin to produce that little bit of text (Replace XX with "mod"). But SSE and Classic origin are different, so if we want to link to SSE Nexus (which we should) that presents a whole other problem, really quite tricky. I have some ideas, but i need Merrian to tell me if they would actually work :P So for now, don't use it. The MuseumSSE= works fine though and should be used, it's really nice :)

      If that's figured out that should also provide some concrete rules on when a page should be split, if it should redirect, if a tabview should be used, etc, so everything looks similar (which I probably care more about then I should LOL) I would love to hear your thoughts on it, as you've been editing a lot longer than me :) I've been trying to consolidate all that's been decided on a forum post, there's a link to the discord there, which is an easier way to talk about these sort of things + input from the devs is very helpful, they know stuff.

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    • Sorry about that. A few SSE's was missing in the template code. I will be removing the option for SSE for the ID, let me know if you come across any items that has a different ID in SSE and we can reimplement it. For now it doesn't seem like it is necessary.

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