• hi

    for unknown reasons i cant get the commission contract letter so please i need the item id for the commission contract to finish that quest


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    • "setstage DBM_HAUNTEDMUSEUMQUEST 90" solved it for me. Do not forget to backup your save in case things go wrong.

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    • On stage 16 I have to collect a note in the libray. This note is missing or invisible. I need the RefID for this note (OrelliaLetter?) for moving it to me if existing. It's possible to setstage the quest to 20 but I think it's smarter to get the requested item so it exists. If this do not work I'm willing to set the stage of this quest to 20.

      I did not found a RefID for this quest item via SSEedit. Please remark that I never used SSEedit before this posting. If there is a way to get the RefID withh SSEedit please tell me how :)

      thx in advance

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    • Hello,

      If you want support, please ask on the Nexus page or the ICA discord. Please read the documentation found here:

      Also these old topics are all for pre-V5, in V5 you should not have any troubles, the mod was very well tested. None of the codes (quest stages and what not) will be valid, not that you should use them if they are anyway.

      Regarding the note: It is behind the gate, it is there, but is it kind of hidden. Not finding it for a couple minutes should get a quest maker to point to it. The use of console command with quest stages and quest items will certainly cause problems, not just now, but future on in your save.

      What you should do: Reload a save before using any console command. Progress through the quest and look closely, a piece of paper is small.

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    • Ok. Thx for your advice. Generally I know the mechanisms.

      I was frustrated after hours not to find a way to the quest marked contract. So I solved this with "tcl". My other posting about the pookie bear still exists. I googled and found nothing. So I landed here as THE source of my frustration ;) And of course I love this mod.

      Have a great and healthy day!

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