• First off, thank you for the help with the OAP items :) I just want to let you know, that some of the items from OAP are also in MIL, which is why their current info is for MIL. The MIL info and pictures should therefore not be deleted from the page or from the gallery pages.

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    • Ok, sorry it's a first time for me and I have suppressed those info because there are already a page for the MIL version of those items.

      So now I know how to make it, I use the same process for the other items.

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    • I am not sure what you mean by that there is already a page for the MIL version of the items?

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    • Ok, I think it should be more clear like this :

      In the Upper gallery

      On the 3rd Oblivion Artifacts display there is those 3 items

      Redwave (requires More Interesting Loot or Oblivion Artifact Pack)

      Rockshatter (requires More Interesting Loot or Oblivion Artifact Pack)

      Hatred's Heart (requires More Interesting Loot or Oblivion Artifact Pack)

      The same 3 items are also on the 1st Weapons display

      Redwave (requires More Interesting Loot)

      Rockshatter (requires More Interesting Loot)

      Hatred's Heart (requires More Interesting Loot)

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    • Ahh, okay. Those are not different pages, they all link to the same pages. I plan on splitting them up so that they have seperate pages instead, will be less confusing.

      The Upper Gallery is a bit messy at the moment. I haven't seen the displays myself, so I don't know if the items display only in the oblivion artifacts display or if they still have seperate spots.

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    • I haven't seen my self too, but I am a member of a french team that have the project of making a french translation of Legacy and most of its radiant mod.

      And for the translation I need to inside the esp of the mod, that by this way I have seen that there those items in the 2 versions.

      I have a question about the screenshot my game is in french so almost of my screen have the french name of the location, is it a problem for the wiki ?

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    • Yes, all items screenshots should be in English, but there is no problem in having a temporary image of the item in French :) Micromegasta (of the Spanish Legacy wiki) also help out with images sometimes. He uses the Spanish version, and it is good to have an image up for the item until I can snap a screenshot of the item from the English version. The item pages look so bare when there is no screenshot.

      Okay, I'll see if I can get in game today and test the displays to see if the MIL items have two placements.

      I was wondering if you and the others from the French translation team have considered making a French Legacy wiki?

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    • Well, I'll take some screenshot and post them here.

      Concerning the french version of the wiki, this this not for now, we want to release a french translation of Lotd before (if Ice stop doing making so much modification ;) ).

      But when we start the french wiki i'll take you a message.

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    • Thank you :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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