• Hey Sanamia! I noticed the "Latest Version" table on the main page and thought it looked kinda off. So I created a download box and just for fun a help box. You can find them on my page. I thought it's a nice way to link to the nexus :)

    You also need to copy the CSS from my personal css page. Otherwise it should look pretty bad :D

    Let me know what you think :)

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    • I'll take a look :)

      You might actually be here at the exact right time *g*

      Know anything about collapsible navboxes and if I really need to get the common.js activated to make it work? {{Navbox quest}} and {{Navbox}}

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    • I'm not into navboxes, but I managed to get it work i think :) I just had to add the "mv-collapsible" class to the table-tag in the Template:Navbox. This class is used to make any table collapsible. Since navboxes are nothing else than some advanced tables, this worked just fine, with 0 javascript :)

      But one css rule is needed to color the "hide/show" button so you can see it:

      /* ---- Collapsible Navbox ------------------------------ */
      .va-navbox-title .mw-collapsible-toggle a:link {
          color: white !important;
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    • Thank You! I was getting blind on that one.

      Now I can go back to cleaning up documentation and archiving the templates. 

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    • Your welcome :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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