Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn

During this quest, a number of side quests will be available. Some will reward displayable items for the museum, while others will drive the story forward.

After reaching Tenmar Forest at the end of 'By the Light of the Moon', Yura will come and have a chat starting The Sweet Taste of Elsweyr quest.


Find Ameir in the Waterways

Make your way down to the water past the player home to find a really big door to the waterways. Follow the riverbed to the Khajiit camp.

Talk to Aleyt

It becomes pretty clear that the Khajiit don't really trust you but still you can learn a handful of information from them.

Speak with the large Kahjiit guarding the door

Talk to a large Khajiit named Mervar Denfriend. This step will start the Quest Incursion.

Quest Stages

Quest Name (Quest ID)
Stage Journal Entry
It seems I am very welcome here. I've been directed by a girl named Yura to find someone caller Ameir deeper inside the waterways. This place will serve as an excellent base in Elsweyr.

Objective :

I've talked to Ameir. She represents some sort of trader faction. It seems the moon sugar trade is connected to the Pahmar. She has told me I can learn more about these tiger-like creatures by talking to Aleyt. Curiosly, she also mentioned refugees, and the Thalmor as the current overlords of Elsweyr. It seems things are not well here.

Objective :

Despite the fact that I'm being kept out of the loop regarding the relationship between them and the Khajiit, the Pahmar have accepted me and will guard me during my stay here. I should be able to find out more from some of the other Khajiit. Perhaps I should go and talk to the imposing fellow guarding the door.

Objective :

I've spoken to Mervar


SetStage AnvilQuestameir 30 - stops the quest