Shrine of Azura, in a lockbox. It is part of the Shattered Legacy quest. With Moon and Star and its patch installed, the ring is instead obtained from the Nerevarine after the Moon and Star quest. The Nerevarine is found at his camp at the Shrine of Azura.


  • The display can take both the original and the replica.
  • You need to have the original in your inventory for the replica recipe to be available.


Made at the Replica Station in the Curator's Office with the following materials:


Contrary to a normal enchantment The Moon and Star adds its enchantment in the form of a buff. This way the item itself can be enchanted by the player normally on top of that.

Nerevar's Legacy adds 1 to the maximum minion command count (= summonend followers via the Conjuration skill) and when the complete set is equipped, items can be enchanted with one extra enchantment each.


  • While wearing the outfit you will actually conjure two creatures at the same time (second one is for free). If you conjure another creature it will kill one of the copies of the first conjure.
  • The enchantment buff does not stack with Extra effect perk, making the perk redundant.

Legacy Location

Shrine of Azura

Moon and Star Location

Nerevarine at the Shrine of Azura

Extra dialogue

To obtain the ring from the Nerevarine the patch adds a new dialog option "What will you do now?" and the Nerevarine will respond with (different voice actor):

Ah, that is a question I have asked myself each day since the fall of Akulakhan. It is a bittersweet victory when you feel that you have fulfilled your purpose in this world, and after your help with the golem in Kagrenar that reality has become that much more apparent. I believe it is time for me to seek a new destiny. I had long felt something pulling me to the far shores of Akavir and though I have been, I feel as though there is some unfinished business yet to attend to there. Perhaps now is the time to return. And since my destiny here in Tamriel is complete, I don't feel I need to bear the symbol of that destiny any longer. This is your time my friend. I sense grand things in you and I think it only fitting that the symbol of my destiny be passed to you. I'd like you to have the Moon and Star of Azura.

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