Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn

The Mad Masker is no longer officially supported by Legacy, as the author, VICN, is no longer distributing it. The Legacy features will stay for those who already have the mod, but we can't link to the mod or share it.

If you have The Mad Masker mod and the Legacy patch for it loaded, this room will be added to the Hall of Oddities.

Only the leveled list version of the mod works with Legacy. You will not be able to display most of the items if you use the non-leveled list version.

All unenchanted versions of the items can be bought from The Mad Masker in Pelagius's Mind.

To get to Pelagius's Mind, you need to complete the quest 'The Mind of Madness' given to you by Dervenin in Solitude. The quest will require you to go to Pelagius' Wing in the Blue Palace. After quest completion, you will be able to return to Pelagius's Mind by equipping the Wabbajack and using Pelagius' Hip Bone when in the Blue Palace or Pelagius Wing. To get back to the door of the Blue Palace, use the bedroll inside Pelagius's Mind.

Below is a list of all displays in the room, starting from the left.

Left side

1st Masks Display

1st Masks and Helms Display

Akaviri Death Mask
Argonian Mask
Khajiit Mask
Blue Mask
Dragonbone Helm
Red Mask

2nd Masks Display

2nd Masks and Helms Display

Ebony Chaplain Helm
Ebony Goggles
Ebony Cap
Ebony Masque
Ebony Knight Helmet
Ebony Vinland Helm
Ebony Helm

Hammer of Mara

Hammer of Platonic Love Display

Hammer of Mara

3rd Masks Display

3rd Masks and Helms Display

Steel Mask
Steel Oktavia Helm
Steel Swordman Helm
Steel Tolmekian Helm
Helm of Thorn
Welder's Helm
Steel Bucket Helm
Steel Faraam Helm
Steel Frog-mouth Helm
Steel Katarina Helm

Mannequin Display

Mannequin Display

Love Mannequin

Masque of Mara or Mara's Hood
Mara Armor
Mara Boots
Mara Gauntlets

Hate Mannequin

Masque of Molag Bal
Molag Bal Armor
Molag Bal Boots
Molag Bal Gauntlets

Right side

4th Masks Display

4th Masks and Helms Display

Masque of the Night Mother
Masque of Sheogorath
Masque of Namira
Malacath Visor
Hircine Ritual Mask
Masque of Vaermina
Masque of Hermaeus Mora

1st Weapons Display

1st Weapons Display

Warhammer of Blood Curse
Greatsword of Blood Curse
Sword of Blood Curse

5th Masks Display

5th Masks and Helms Display

Ebony Duck Helm
Ebony Aron Helm
Black Knight Helm
Ebony Northern Helm
Gloom Helm
Black Iron Helmet
Ebony Halfmask

2nd Weapons Display

2nd Weapons Display

Spike of Blood Curse
Greatspike of Blood Curse
Greatmace of Blood Curse

6th Masks Display

6th Masks Display

Dwarven Guardian Helm
Dwarven Great Helm
Masque of Zenithar
Elven Mask
Elven Knight Helm
Elven Helm of Favor
Elven Helm of the Wheel

SPOILER list - How to get all items

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