Legacy of the Dragonborn
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What this mod does

Adds an unmarked quest to finish the armor as well as an official start for Legacy's Crusaders relics quest besides adding in a more lore friendly story of the 4th era Knights of the Nine.


Items - Armor:

  • 4th Era Armor of the Nine
  • 4th Era Boots of the Nine
  • 4th Era Gauntlets of the Nine
  • 4th Era Helm of the Nine
  • 4th Era Shield of the Nine
  • Blessed Armor
  • Blessed Boots
  • Blessed Gauntlets
  • Blessed Helm
  • Blessed Shield
  • Sacred Armor
  • Sacred Boots
  • Sacred Gauntlets
  • Sacred Helm
  • Sacred Shield
  • Holy Armor
  • Holy Boots
  • Holy Gauntlets
  • Holy Helm
  • Holy Shield
  • Blessed Cape of the Nine
  • Ruby Cape of the Nine
  • Boots of the Nine
  • Gauntlets of the Nine
  • Bracers of the Nine
  • Helm of the Nine
  • Armor of the Nine
  • Squires Armor of the Nine
  • Damaged Armor of the Nine

Items - Weapons:

  • Sword of the Nine
  • Mace of the Nine
  • Knights of the Nine Sword

Items - Keys:

  • Priory Key

Items -Books & Notes:


  • Knight called Ghostly Rear Guard in MFG console.
  • Champion of the Nine