In the gallery Library you can display your books, treasure maps and some unique items from mods and the vanilla game.

1st Floor

The 1st floor of the library consists mostly of bookshelves and displays for common books, but there is also a Jewelry Display and a spot for the Dragonstone, as well as a door leading to the Curator's Office. See more >

Curator's Office

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Jewelry Display

The jewelry display is located on the first floor of the Library . It's at the bottom of the stairs that lead to The Armory and The Safehouse secret passage. It is home to a big quantity of rings and amulets.

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Books Stack

The Books Stack cellar can be accessed through the trapdoor to the left of the stairs leading to the upper levels of the library from the first level of the library.

In this cellar you will find several bookcases you can use as you see fit, and the Printing Station, which is used to make copies of books. See the Printing Station page for info on the mats needed to craft each book.

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Dragonborn Hall

This area can be accessed from the 1st and 2nd floor of the Library. On the first floor of this area are several static displays that will appear upon completing either specific quests within Legacy of the Dragonborn or completing supported quest mods. The hidden entrance to the Hall of Secrets is also on this level.

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Hall of Secrets

In the Hall of Secrets you can store the things you attain in unlawful ways, such as trophies from the special Thieves Guild jobs and skulls of the people you kill during the Dark Brotherhood questline. The entrance is hidden in the Dragonborn Hall.

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2nd Floor

The 2nd floor of the Library is mainly dedicated to displaying Treasure Maps and books that do not have a display of their own. There are several bookcases you can fill as you see fit and several displays for treasure maps.

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3rd Floor

The 3rd floor of the Library is dedicated to treasure maps and rare books.

There are also two painting spots.

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