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The Hand of Glory (Quest) (SSE)|Skyrim Special Edition
|Quest giver = [[Greigor]]
The Hand of Glory (Quest) (Classic)|Classic Skyrim
|Requirements = Must join the Dark Brotherhood
|Reward = [[The Hand of Glory]]
|type = Other Quests
<p style="text-align:center;">'''''This quest is only available if you join the Dark Brotherhood.'''''</p>
<onlyinclude>A quest to rebuild the [[The Hand of Glory]], only available when joining the Dark Brotherhood</onlyinclude>
note: this quest must be completed before doing {{wiki|To_Kill_an_Empire|To kill an Empire}} as [[Greigor]] becomes unavailable after that.
Once you get to the Sanctuary Greigor will be sleeping in a bed. Talk to him to start the quest.
[[File:Roggvirs coffin.jpg|thumb|220x220px]]
=== Locate the Essence of the Executed. ===
In order to get the required item you will need to pay Roggvir's corpse a visit. This can easily be done during the Skyrim quest: {{Wiki|Return_to_Grace|Return to grace}}.
=== Locate the Hanged Man's Hand ===
[[File:Hanged mans hand2.jpg|thumb|220x220px]]
[[File:Hangedmans location map.jpg|thumb|220x220px]]
Glacial Cave on the north shore of Solstheim, the hand can be found on a makeshift pedestal.
Once both these items are acquired the quest will progress:
=== Return to Greigor. ===
Return to the Dark brotherhood sanctuary and talk to Greigor.
=== Create the Hand of Glory ===
Use the cooking pot to melt the fat to a candle, you might need to move your focus a bit lower then the use cooking pot in order for the "create hand of glory" prompt to show.
=== Show Greigor the Hand of Glory. ===
Talk once again to Greigor.
=== Kill Greigor. ===
Kill him and the quest will finish, the Hand of Glory is now yours.
==Quest Stages==
{| class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"
! colspan="2" style="text-align: center; font-weight: bold;" | Quest Name (DBM_HandofGloryQuest)
| style="text-align: center; font-weight: bold;" | Stage
| style="text-align: center; font-weight: bold;" | Journal Entry
*I have sent Greigor on to his eternal rest in the night mother's embrace, as he wished and now am the bearer of the Hand of Glory. It is powerful but I can feel it draining my life force ever so slowly. I should be cautious while using it.
|I Have met Greigor of the dark Brotherhood who has told me of the Hand of Glory and how I can Obtain it. I should venture to the Glacial Cave on Solstheim to find the hanged man's hand and find the fat from someone wrongfully executed and return to Greigor. I believe Roggvir who was executed in Solitude would be a good bet.
''Objective '':
|I have retrieved the hanged man's hand and the "essence" of Roggvir. I should return to Greigor.
''Objective '':
|Greigor has explained hot to reconstruct the Hand of Glory. I should use his cooking pot to make a candle from the fat and attack it to the hanged man's hand.
''Objective '':
|I've created the Hand of Glory. The flame glows bright and casts an eerie glow all around me. I can feel the powers promised to me, surging throughout me. I should show Greigor so he knows he is finally free of it.
''Objective '':
|Greigor seems relieved to be free of the Hand of Glory, and has requested that I help him find his eternal peace, and end his life.
''Objective '':
|I have sent Greigor on to his eternal rest in the night mother's embrace, as he wished and now am the bearer of the Hand of Glory. It is powerful but I can feel it draining my life force ever so slowly. I should be cautious while using it.
''Objective '':
5- initialization stage- go find the essence of roggvir and the hanged man's hand
10- return to Griegor with the relics
15- Make the hand of glory
20- Show the hand of Glory to Griegor
25- Kill Greigor
30- Quest complete
50- Quest failed (if dark brotherhood sanctum is destroyed before the quest is done)
== Known Bugs ==
[[File:Marker Pointing To Wrong Location.jpg|thumb|220x220px|Quest marker indicating Roggvir's Essence is not in the coffin]]
[[File:Space Behind Wall.jpg|thumb|220x220px|Roggvir's Essence found in a small space behind the wall using console commands]]
There is a massive bug with this quest that may cause it to become impossible to complete without the use of the console. Rather than add Roggvir's Essence to his coffin, the game may spawn two samples of the essence in a small space ''behind'' the wall the coffins are set into, which is inaccessible without using the console command '''TCL''' to toggle collision off, thus allowing the player to walk through the wall and collect the samples. However, even when this is done, later in the quest the cookpot may not register that the player has Roggvir's Essence in their inventory, and thus it may not be possible to craft the Hand of Glory. At this time, short of force-adding the Hand of Glory to the player's inventory using the console, there is no known workaround for this bug.
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