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The Hand of Glory (Quest) (SSE)|Skyrim Special Edition
|Quest giver = [[Greigor]]
The Hand of Glory (Quest) (Classic)|Classic Skyrim
|Requirements = Must join the Dark Brotherhood
|Reward = [[The Hand of Glory]]
|type = Other Quests
<p style="text-align:center;">'''''This quest is only available if you join the Dark Brotherhood.'''''</p>
Once you get to the Sanctuary Gregoir will be sleeping in a bed. Talk to him to start the quest.
[[File:Roggvirs coffin.jpg|thumb|220x220px]]
=== Locate the Essence of the Executed. ===
In order to get the required item you will need to pay Roggvir's corpse a visit. This can easily be done during the Skyrim quest: {{Wiki|Return_to_Grace|Return to grace}}.
=== Locate the Hanged Man's Hand ===
[[File:Hanged mans hand2.jpg|thumb|220x220px]]
[[File:Hangedmans location map.jpg|thumb|220x220px]]
Glacial Cave on the north shore of Solstheim, the hand can be found on a makeshift pedestal.
Once both these items are acuired the quest will progress:
=== Return to Greigor. ===
Return to the Dark brotherhood sanctuary and talk to Greigor.
=== Create the Hand of Glory ===
Use the cooking pot to melt the fat to a candle, you might need to move your focus a bit lower then the use cooking pot in order for the "create hand of glory" prompt to show.
=== Show Greigor the Hand of Glory. ===
Talk once again to Greigor.
=== Kill Greigor. ===
Kill him and the quest will finish, the Hand of Glory is now yours.
*I Have met Greigor of the dark Brotherhood who has told me of the Hand of Glory and how I can Obtain it. I should venture to the Glacial Cave on Solstheim to find the hanged man's hand and find the fat from someone wrongfully executed and return to Greigor. I believe Roggvir who was executed in Solitude would be a good bet.
*I have retrieved the hanged man's hand and the "essence" of Roggvir. I should return to Greigor.
*Greigor has explained hot to reconstruct the Hand of Glory. I should use his cooking pot to make a candle from the fat and attack it to the hanged man's hand.
*I've created the Hand of Glory. The flame glows bright and casts an eerie glow all around me. I can feel the powers promised to me, surging throughout me. I should show Greigor so he knows he is finally free of it.
*Greigor seems relieved to be free of the Hand of Glory, and has requested that I help him find his eternal peace, and end his life.
*I have sent Greigor on to his eternal rest in the night mother's embrace, as he wished and now am the bearer of the Hand of Glory. It is powerful but I can feel it draining my life force ever so slowly. I should be cautious while using it.
5- initialization stage- go find the essence of roggvir and the hanged man's hand
10- return to Griegor with the relics
15- Make the hand of glory
20- Show the hand of Glory to Griegor
25- Kill Greigor
30- Quest complete
50- Quest failed (if dark brotherhood sanctum is destroyed before the quest is done)
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