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The Dragon Forge

by Skjoldr Bjorik

Since the collapse of the dragon cults in the Merethic Era, much about that time in Skyrim's history has been lost. Little is known about the Dragon Priests who ruled over men in the name of their dragon masters.

While some believe each priest reported directly to their dragon overlords, many stories point toward the cults being led by a council of the a few elite priests. Some say there were five "high" priests, while others report there being as many as a dozen on the council.

Accounts of the priests' powers widely varied. It is commonly accepted among scholars that the Dragon Priests were the first men to learn to shout as the dragons did. Other stories tell of priests being able to absorb the life-force from their prisoners, or even transform into dragons.

While the priests most likely did not turn into dragons, no one can dispute the destructiveness of their powers or the omnipotence of their masters.

Another aspect of the dragon priests that caused much fear and speculation amongst the cultists was their imposing armor. Dragon Priests all wore armor that mimicked, in appearance, their dragon masters.

A few Dragon Priests even donned enigmatic masks of fiendish design. While this was certainly meant to instill fear in their followers, many also believed that great power came from these armors.

Many tales assert the priests' armors were forged by the dragons themselves, or at least blessed by them. Several stories revolve around a fabled temple called Revakheim.

As the legend goes, atop a mountain, an eagle stands guard over Revakheim. Underneath this mountain, a secret forge exists where armors were crafted and enchanted by dragons.

The exact location of Revakheim is unknown, but most stories fall into one of two camps. Some say it is North of the Yorgrim River, while others claim the eagle watches over the long White River.

During the Dragon War, many stories passed between warriors, each wilder than the last. Some even spoke of a magic gate in the eastern mountains where Alduin, the leader of the dragons, could enter other realms.

Although Revakheim has yet to been found, its existence is still a possibility. Such a discovery would greatly inform what little we know about the dragon cult's inner workings and practices.



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