Legacy of the Dragonborn

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Erid'or needs help with dealing with a troublesome enemy.

How to start: Talk to Erid'or in the waterways.

Earn Erid'or's trust by helping Mervar

In order to gain Erid'or's trust, one must help Mervar during Incursion. Once Mervar's brother has been helped dispatching the Thalmor, Erid'or will talk about the problem in the sanctuary.

Find Silkskin and find out about the sload's location

Silkskin is in the sanctuary, and the two entrances are located either east of Erid'or in a small hut or SE from the Player hideout.

Investigate the Sload at the burial site

It's best to follow the quest arrow here as the entrance to the burial site can easily be overlooked, otherwise. Pick the lock and enter the burial site. Now go and have a friendly chat with the Sload.

Inform Erid'or of the Sload's blackmail scheme

The sload is not really a nice guy. In order to stop his plague and get rid of him you'll need to collect some items for Erid'or.

Find some Hyena meat and Junglequeen Poisonbyte Venom for Erid'or

It's likely that you'll have these on you at this point. If not, spiders can be found in various areas around the waterways and hyenas will appear again further down the other quests in Moonpath. Once you have one of each, bring it to Erid'or and he'll prepare a poisoned meal for the Sload.

Take the Poisoned Hyena Meat to the Sload

Return to the burial site and give the Sload the poisoned meal.

Talk to Silkskin

Now it's time to stop the plague carrier. Silkskin can tell you where he sniffed him out.

Kill the Infected Creature

Near the mammoth's skull is where the plague carrier dwells; kill the creature to stop the plague.

Confront the Sload in his lair

With the plague carrier dead, it's now time to get rid the Sload. Be sure to loot his remains for the The Thrassian Plaguesword.

Return to Erid'or and inform him about the success of his scheme