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The Consolations of Prayer

- Tribunal Temple

Through the bounty of Blessed Almsivi, Triune Grace, and all the hosts of saints, the faithful who pray at the Temple's shrines may be granted blessings through the miraculous sacraments of prayer and devotion. The three-sided shrines betoken the three-faced benison of Almsivi, and may be found in Temples, or at sites of pilgrimage, or at pilgrim waysides, or in the tomb of the sanctified.

What benefits may be gained shall be listed herein for the edification of the worshipper and pilgrim.

All shrines grant cures of common diseases, of blight diseases, and of afflictions of poison.

The Faithful are granted these blessings when they pray at the shrines and make a modest donation. The Blessed of the Initiate rank and higher of the Temple have already made their devotions in service and piety, and need only pray at the shrines to receive their benefits. And Almsivi is generous, so even the Unbeliever may receive a blessing if he prays, if he proves his respect with a generous donation.

The Three God-Kings

Those shrines bearing the images of Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil also may grant the blessing of Almsivi Restoration, which restores damaged attributes, and the three blessings of Almsivi.

Almalexia grants Lady's Grace, for endurance of hardships.

Sotha Sil
Sotha Sil grants Soul of Sotha Sil, for magical power.

Vivec grants Vivec's Mystery, for good fortune.

The Tribunal Saints

Those shrines bearing the images of the saints may also grant the particular blessings of the saints.

Saint Aralor
St. Aralor grants Aralor's Intervention, for fortifying character.

Saint Deyln
St. Delyn grants Shield of St. Delyn, for resistance to blight diseases.

Saint Felms
St. Felms grants Felm's Glory, for greater skill in restoring magics.

Saint Llothis
St. Llothis grants Rock of Llothis, for fortifying the will.

Saint Meris
St. Meris grants Meris's Warding, for resistance to corprus disease.

Saint Nerevar
St. Nerevar grants Spirit of Nerevar, for fortifying the body's vigor.

Saint Olms
St. Olms grants Olm's Benediction, for resistance to common disease.

Saint Rilms
St. Rilms grants Rilm's Grace, for endurance of hardships.

Saint Roris
St. Roris grants Roris's Bloom, for fortifying the body's health.

Saint Seryn
St. Seryn grants Seryn's Shield, for resistance to poisons.

Saint Veloth
St. Veloth grants Veloth's Indwelling, for magical power, and also grants the blessing of Almsivi Restoration, which restores damaged attributes.

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