Upon discovering the remains of Malrus in Silent Moons Camp, you follow the instructions in his journal to unseal the vault near his corpse by activating three shrines around Skyrim.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Read Malrus' Journal
  2. Find the Nordic Runestone
  3. Find the Snow Elf Shrine
  4. Find the Dwemer Monument
  5. Retrieve Malrus' Codex

Detailed Walkthrough

Find the Nordic Runestone

Seek out the first runestone between Dragon Bridge and Morthal. It is right next to the Forebearer's Holdout that is visited during the Dawnguard questline.

Find the Snow Elf Shrine

Seek out the second runestone in the mountains overlooking Whiterun. It is right next to the South Skybound Watch that is visited for the Destruction Ritual Spell.

Find the Dwemer Monument

Seek out the final runestone in the moutains above the Nightgate Inn. This runestone is very secluded and requires extensive scaling on horseback. Reaching it by foot is impossible. The "correct" option is to complete Coming of Age that takes you through Ironbind Barrow. This location has an Overlook at the end that sits right below the monument.

Retrieve Malrus' Codex

Return to Silent Moons Camp where the vault in the floor should now be unlocked revealing the codex.


Quest Stages

The Book of Wonders (DBM_MalrusCodexQST)
Stage Journal Entry
5 "I've discovered a journal written by an explorer named Malrus which speaks of an amazing codex sealed within the chamber below where he met his ill fated end. Apparently 3 locations will unlock the door. I should seek to find them."

Objective 5: Find the Nordic Runestone

Objective 6: Find the Snow Elf Shrine

Objective 7: Find the Dwemer Monument

10 "I've activated all three keys mentioned in Malrus' journal. I should return to Silent Moons Camp ruins to retrieve the Codex."

Objective 10: Retrieve Malrus' Codex

100 "I have retrieved Malrus' Codex. This book should prove to offer a lot of interesting possibilities. "

[Technical Stage - sets up some of the elements of the special abilities.]

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