This book is part of the unmarked quest Ancient Falmer Tomes.


Forgotten Vale, on an icy slope leading to the vast frozen river. From the Wayshrine of Sight, head southwest until you come across a path in the middle of a ridge. At the top there will be several Frostbite Spiders. Head down the other side until you almost reach the frozen river. Among the ruins to the right there will be a skeleton clutching a chest. The book is next to the chest. Urag Gro-Shub at The Arcaneum will buy the book and give you the translated version.


The Betrayed

Engwe Emeloth

Translated from Falmer Text
Calcelmo of Markarth

And when the Snow Prince fell to ground,
The Ice Elves divided above and below.
Now vanquished and brutally bound,
One moment had shattered all they did know.

The once cool wind on their skin,
Now replaced with the heat of the flame.
And a pride once felt deep within,
Forgotten along with their name.

Torn from their home of ice and frost,
Thrown into the pitch black dread of night.
Living in fear as their minds become lost,
As their eyes begin dimming the light.

Chained and enslaved,
What once was light turned to blackness.
Alone and betrayed,
Sinking deeper into madness.


Frozen River

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