Legacy of the Dragonborn

When returning to the museum after having finishing 'Shattered Legacy', Auryen will come and talk to you.


Use the Attunement Scroll on the Waystone Amulet.

  • Equip the attunement scroll in your inventory.
  • Close inventory
  • Draw weapon and cast the spell.

If done correctly the quest stage should update to:

Wear the Waystone Amulet and see where it transports me.

Equip the amulet to travel to the Ayleid crossroads, unequip to go back to your previous location or use the portals to other places.

From now on you can use the Ayleid Waystone to move yourself to the crossroads.

Various empty chests are available for storage purposes.


The Ayleid Crossroads provide a hub to teleport to several previously visited locations. As of V19 these are Tenmar Forest Hideout and Sancre Tor.

It should be noted that the Ayleid Waystone will remain equipped when using these portals. So when using it to travel to Tenmar Forest Hideout and while there unequipping the amulet will actually teleport you back to the location where you initially equipped it. If the player want to use another amulet while there, another method of transportation has to be used.

In the future these portals will teleport you to the different areas of Odyssey.

Quest Stages

Quest Name (Quest ID)
Stage Journal Entry
Auryen has informed me that the Ayleid Waystone transports its wearer to a new location by way of a pocket realm of Oblivion he called an "Ayleid Crossroad" where I should be able to utilize a portal to reach other destinations. Additionally there should be storage that can be used to place items to resupply and store my spoils as I am exploring by merely using the amulet to get there and back. I should use the attunement scroll he gave me and see if the amulet does in fact do as he suspects.

Objective :

I have used the attunement scroll on the Ayleid waystone. It has certainly gained a diffrent energy to it. I should wear the amulet and see where it transports me now.

Objective :

I have worn the Ayleid Waystone and been transported to the Ayleid crossroad which indeed seems to be a pocket realm of Oblivion with a gateway which leads back to Sancre Tor, powered by a massive Welkynd stone. Several other portal locations seem to exist, but I will have to discover ways to open them in my travels.

Objective :