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Template for sections of portals.


{{Wikiportal/Section|Title of section|Name of template with content}}


requiredIcon required
<unnamed 1>
Title of the section.
requiredIcon required
<unnamed 2>
Name of the template which contains the section content (without "Template:").
optionalIcon optional
(default: "no")
Specifies links to show on the right of the title. Multiple options can be specified if separated by commas (,).

Available options:

  • edit: Displays a link for editing the content template ("edit").
  • news: Displays a link for adding news ("add") and a link to a news listing page ("more"). The link to the news listing can be altered with newslink (see below).
optionalIcon optional
(default: none)
Image for this section, displayed on the right. If you use an image, you also need to specify image_px.
optionalIcon optional
(default: none)
image size
Width of image in px.
optionalIcon optional
If headerlink contains "news", this allows you to override the default {{more}} link to Legacy of the Dragonborn Wiki:News.
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