Can be found in multiple locations throughout Coldharbor.
Known locations:

  • Barrier Tower of Anyammis: Embedded in the Strange Sand Pile.
  • Fort Welkynd, Varla's Hall: Looted from Varla the Human Hunter.
  • Inside a small tower just west of the Abandoned Temple of the Eight Divines, behind an Expert locked gate.
  • Prison Tower Sewer, Cradle of Filth: Looted from Mary the Dark Maiden.
  • Nenyond's Underground Priory: Looted from the skeleton of Priest Nenyond, near the shortcut back to the entrance.
  • Curia Morimath: Looted from Archpriest Centius.
  • Curia Morimath, Golden Sanctuary: Looted from Pope Megus.
  • Inquisition Court District: In the small expert-locked tower to the right if the entrance, left of the chest.
  • Malada Abasel: Looted from Marukh.
  • St. Dulsa's Charnel: Two can be found crucifying St. Dulsa. There is one in each of her hands.


Requires Vigilant.


Dulsa is the name of an ape-maiden referenced in the text 'The Illusion of Death'.Marukh's was said to have 'toyed' with her, likely resulting in her pregnancy.

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