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16 Accords of Madness, Vol. 06 to Ancient Woodpecker Fossil
Andradite Garnet to Card of Fortune: King
Card of Fortune: Queen to Deep-Rout
Deepclaw Denmaster to Fall of Vitharn, Vol. 3
Fall of the Snow Prince to Guylaine's Architecture of the Second Era
Gypsum to Knightfall, Tales of Heroism and Chivalry
Kolbjorn's Skull to Nordic Shield
Nordic Shortspear to Rubilite Tourmaline
Ruby to Soul Ring
Soul of Miraak to The Song of Pelinal, Vol. 7
The Song of Pelinal, Vol. 8 to Venomous Feathered Saurian Fossil
Verina to Zurin Arctus, the Underking
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