Can be found in multiple locations throughout Coldharbor.
Known locations:

  • Waterfront District:
    • Baptist's House: On an altar on the second floor.
    • Abandoned House opposite Highwayman's General Store, behind the loose stone wall.
    • Rusty Blacksmith: Underneath the stairs.
  • Fort Verin: On an altar halfway up the central tower.
  • Fort Welkynd, Varla's Hall: In the brazier above the throne.
  • Sard Charnel: Right of the entrance, on the lowest coffin shelf.
  • Sard Charnel, Sard's Sarcophagus: Hidden behind the sarcophagus altar.
  • Old Temple of the Eight Divines, Prayer Hall: In the central brazier.
  • Wellspring Cave: At the bottom of the large pit, on a pillar next to a dead Alessian Knight.
  • Slums, Beggar's Way: Cadwell's room, on a shelf.
  • Nenyond's Underground Priory: From the entrance, across two bridges, on the left edge of the short drop.
  • Malada: Across the first statue bridge, in an alcove to the right behind a crumbled wall.
  • Malada Aldmerisel: In the steamwork room to the left of the coffin rows, beside a pipe.


Requires Vigilant.

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