If you have the Skyrims Unique Treasures mod loaded along with Legacy, an extra room will be added to the Hall of Oddities to house most of these treasures.

Below is a list of all displayable items from the mod from left to right.


SUT Hallway Left

Left side

Galaxy Sword
Akaviri Honorblade
Ichigo Kurosaki Sword
Ronin Sword
Butterfly Sword
Display Case
Oblivion Dagger

SUT Hallway Right

Right side

Unique Tomahawk
Unique Hook Sword
Unique Naginata
Unique Guan Dao
Battle Arm Sword
Unique Kama

Main Room

SUT 1st Weapon Plaque

1st Weapon Plaque

Unique Executioner Great Axe

SUT 1st Display Case Group

1st Display Case Group

Unique Topaz Wine Glass & Unique Lime Emerald Wine Glass
Unique Daedra Drink & Unique Dremora Kiss Aquamarine Wine Glass & Unique Crystal Wine Glass Unique Ruby Troll Skull Unique Bloody Skull
Unique Daedra Love & Unique Daedra Blood Unique Fire Opal Wine Glass & Unique Emerald Wine Glass Unique Crystal Skull & Unique Pink Sapphire Skull Leviathan Garnet & Unique Leviathan Sapphire
Dremora's Belt & Unique Sexy Beast Unique Pink Sapphire Wine Glass & Ruby Wine Glass Unique Ruby Human Skull & Unique Ice Skull Unique Leviathan Diamond & Unique Leviathan Emerald
Unique Oblivion Girl & Unique Dremora Gold Unique Tanzenite Wine Glass & Unique Blue Sapphire Wine Glass Green Emerald Skull & Unique Blue Emerald Skull Unique Leviathan Ruby & Unique Leviathan Amethyst

SUT 1st Corner, 1st Statue and 2nd Weapon

1st Corner Display

Unique Hooka Pipe

1st Statue Display

Unique Clavicus Vile Figurine
Unique Golden Dibella Statue
Unique Nocturnal Figurine
Falmer Figurine
Unique Bear Figurine
Unique Elk Figurine
Unique Cow Figurine
Unique Sabre Cat Figurine

2nd Weapon Plaque

Mammoth Staff of Fire Ball

SUT 2nd Statue Display

2nd Statue Display

Unique Frost Dragon Figurine
Unique Alduin Statue
Unique Bronze Dragon Figurine
Unique Swamp Dragon Figurine
Unique Dahviing Statue

2nd Corner Display

Leviathan Morganite Stone

SUT 2nd Display Case Group

2nd Display Case Group

Unique Solid Gold Candlestick
Unique Crystal Ball Worldstone Genie Lamp Unique Golden Inkwell & Golden Quill
Unique Invisible Daedra Head in a Jar Unique Sailing Ship in a Bottle Unique Ship in a Bottle Unique Crown
Unique Mysterious Skull Unique Drinking Horn Unique Gemstone Goblet Unique Tusk Fragment
Wabbajack Wand Gemstone Pitcher Unique Golden Candlestick Unique Jeweled Horn

SUT 3rd Weapon Plaque

3rd Weapon Plaque

Scepter of Banishment

SUT 3rd Display Case Group

3rd Display Case Group

Unique Blood Soul Gem
Unique Golden Ladel Unique Gold Model Ship Golden Bowl Unique Golden Apple
Unique Hammered Copper Cup Gold Plate Gemstone Urn Unique Cannon
Unique Copper Goblet Unique Golden Fork & Unique Golden Knife Unique Gold Plate 2 Unique Meteorite & Unique Gold Nugget
Unique Flagon Unique Hammered Copper Goblet Golden Tankard Gold Human Hand

SUT copperpots

Hammered Copper Display

Unique Hammered Copper Pot 4
Top shelf
Unique Hammered Copper Bowl 2
Unique Hammered Copper Jug 2
Unique Hammered Copper Urn 1
Unique Hammered Copper Bowl 1
Middle shelf
Unique Hammered Copper Pot 1
Unique Hammered Copper Urn 2
Unique Hammered Copper Jug 1
Bottom shelf
Unique Hammered Copper Pot 2
Unique Hammered Copper Pot 3
Unique Hammered Copper Jug 3

SUT 4th Weapon Plaque and Jar Display

4th Weapon Plaque

Unique Executioners War Axe

Jar Display

Rainbow Butterfly in a Jar
Unique Love Bug in a Jar
Unique Stinkbug in a Jar
Unique Pink Glofly in a Jar

SUT 3rd Corner Display

3rd Corner Display

Unique Golden Headdress


Center Display

Unique Psaltery
Unique Traditional Lute
Unique 10 String Harp
Unique Bongo Drum
Unique 20 String Harp Guitar
Tenor Recorder
Unique Golden Horn
Unique Wood Flute
Unique Pan Flute
Unique Dovakin Drum
Unique Cornamuse
Unique Upright Harp

Non-displayable items

The following items from the mod do not have a display in the museum, but with a mod like Jaxonz Positioner, you can place them in the museum yourself. They will not count as a display though, it is purely cosmetic. Except for the Banjo, all these items are only available with the Full version of the mod.

SPOILER list - How to get all items

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