Sancre Tor Prison, in Sir Jesto's Knapsack which is located on a hanging skeleton in the center of the prison.


My travels have finally come to an end.

After many years of traveling Tamriel far and wide, avoiding bandits, and beasts, wars, plagues and horrid storms or sweltering sands, I now find myself confined to this place. I've barricaded myself into this cell which will end up as my tomb I fear.

I hear the dead lurk through the halls and the wails of the angry specters echoing through the corridors. They occasionally pass my hollow cage and glance my way, but make no efforts to enter, if they even could that is.

I've run out of food, have no source of warmth and the water that lies at the floor of this place is fouled with the touch of the dead. I have precious little time and I would rather end it all now than wait for these foul creatures to finally overtake me.

If anyone reads these final thoughts, take my cloak, and protect it well. It is the prize of a long life of journey.


Sancre Tor Prison

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