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The quest starts when you have completed An Interesting Prospect or the Relic Hunter start equivalent and have reached a display count of 400.

Once you have fulfilled all the prerequisites, it will require you to leave the museum and can take up to 24 hours ingame before it starts. It will never start if you are still in the museum.

Note that if Night at the Museum is already running, it must be completed before this quest will start.


When returning to the museum with all requirements fulfilled, the whole place will look like a mess. Talk to Avram Shazir to find out what happened.

Investigate Windcaller's Pass for signs of robbers.


North Windcaller Pass is East of Whiterun on the North side of the Mountain. The entrance is called North Windcaller's pass. Inside are a few Alik'r. On the far side of the room are some of your museum artifacts.

Find clues of where to go next.


With only some of the artifacts retrieved you'll need to find out where the rest is at. Find and read the note on the crate next to the lantern.

Tell Avram about the note.

Have a chat with Avram, then leave Wincaller's pass and travel to the caravan.

East of Falkreath.

Stop the Caravan before it can reach the Skyrim Border.


Again some Alik'r, defeat them and retrieve some more of your artifacts from their wagon.

Confront Jelal at Engelmann's Rest.

Go to Engelmann's Rest, it's a bit east from the Pale cave. and make your way through the dungeon.

Near the end of the first level there is a room with a locked door and a named Hagraven. The key needed to continue is on the left altar. Left of the door you'll also find the Hands of the Atronach .

Continue on to Engelmann's Sanctuary and make your way to the last room. Jelal will be there.

!DO NOT KILL HIM BEFORE THE CUTSCENE! (V5 update: you now have free movement during the scene, and can choose to kill Jelal before he finishes his disalogue, or let it play out.)

A cut-scene will play between Avram and Jelal, at the end a bunch of Alik'r will appear and you'll have to defend yourself. Loot the key from Jelal's body once the fight is over.

Find the remaining stolen Artifacts.

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Continue up the flight of stairs. One alcove to the Left there is a hidden pull chain that will open a hidden door. Behind the door is a locked gate (Jelal's key); retrieve the rest of your artifacts.

Speak With Avram.

Avram promises to return in a couple of days now that all of this is over.

Return the Artifacts to Auryen at the Museum.

Give the artifacts to Auryen and leave for a while. The quest stage will automatically update once the cleanup is complete.

This reset can take up to a whole week in-game (it takes two days in V5). Note that while you can continue to use the safehouse, you must enter the Museum through the front door and cannot enter from the safehouse until the reset has completed.

Return to the Museum.

The museum is back to it's old self. Have a last chat with Avram. He'll give you his family sword: Hagram's Light.

Quest Stages

Quest Name (Quest ID)
Stage Journal Entry

  • I have found the remaining stolen artifacts from the museum. Speak with Avram.
The Museum has been robbed! People from Avram's shady past have made off with the contents of the Museum, and now we must head to Windcaller's Pass to try and Locate them.

Objective :

I've found a note which mentions Engelmann's rest as a potential hideout for the robbers, we may be able to find more there, I should talk to Avram about the note.

Objective :

Avram knows the location of Engelmann's rest, but we had better catch up with a caravan heading west before it can make it out of Skyrim.

Objective :

We have managed to retrieve more of the stolen artifacts from Jelal's caravan bound for Hammerfell. We should now head towards Engelmann's rest and confront Jelal himself.

Objective :

Avram has confronted Jelal, who turned out to be his brother. We were forced to kill him and his men. We should search for the remaining stolen artifacts.

Objective :

I have found the remaining stolen artifacts from the museum. Speak with Avram.

Objective :

Avram is staying behind to bury his brother Jelal while I return the artifacts to Auryen at the museum so he can put things back in order.

Objective :

I've returned the artifacts to Auryen at the museum. It will take him a few days, but he will get the museum back in order.

Objective :

Auryen should have the museum back in order now. I should stop in soon and see if everything is back to normal.

Objective :

The museum is now back to normal and all the relics back where they belong. Avram has returned and given me his father's sword in thanks for my understanding and giving him the chance to redeem himself.

Objective :



5 - Stage sets up ransacked museum
10- Sets up windcaller pass bandits and loot
15- Look for clues
20- Tell Avram about note
25- Caravan enabled, stop the group before they leave Skyrim
30- Go to Englemann's Rest
35- Find the last artifacts after killing Jelal
40- Speak to Avram
45- Return to the museum and give Auryen the artifacts
50- Wait three days for museum to be fixed
55- Resets museum, return to see Avram inside
60- Complete quest (will not give reward, you must speak with Avram at stg 55)

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