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Reading the Journal found in the Smugglers hold of the Dev Aveza starts this mini excavation.


Excavate the hidden chamber

Go to the storage chamber at Mzulft. On the right side of the door an Explorers Guild banner will have appeared. Activate the banner to uncover the entrance. This will take approximately 12 in-game hours.

Enter the sealed room, inside there will be some Dwemer spiders and a random assortment of loot.

Quest Stages

Quest Name (Quest ID)
Stage Journal Entry

Objective :

5 I found one of Sanamia's journals indicating a hidden chamber in the storage room of Mzulft. I should investigate and excavate the site.

Excavate the hidden chamber

10 I managed to excavate an entrance into the Mzulft storeroom's sealed chamber. I should claim my rewards from within.


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