Legacy of the Dragonborn

Reading Sanamia's Journal (5) found in Thirsk Mead Hall on Solstheim starts this mini excavation.


Excavate the hidden chamber

The location is found at a stone circle southwest of Dragon Bridge along the path to Bruca's Leap Redoubt. Activating the site takes 12 ingame hours to unearth a sarcophagus. Inside the sarcophagus three gold piles, a Strong Box containing random loot and an Urn containing a Merethic Silver Dragonmark can be found.


Stone circle SW of Dragon Bridge

Quest Stages

Sanamia's Journals - Burial Ruin (DBM_JournalDungeon05QST)
Stage Journal Entry
5 I found one of Sanamia's journals which talks about a small circle of standing stones around some rubble which could be a burial site or ruin.

Objective 5: Excavate the hidden chamber

10 I've unearthed a sarcophagus which contains great riches.