Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn
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For other items by the same name, see Sanamia's Journal.


Dead Drop Falls under Fort Dawnguard, on the table in the last room.


Read the journal to start the mini excavation quest 'Sanamia's Journals - Fort Frostmoth'.



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7th of Sun's Dawn

Fort Frostmoth was once the jewel of the empire on Solstheim, a rich center for the East Empire Trading Company, but after the Red Year disaster the fort was all but destroyed, leaving behind much death and ruin. The chaos of everyone's departure from Morrowind and parts of Solstheim would ensure that much was left behind. I expect that some store room or another must have been buried and left filled with riches. When I reach Solstheim, I should try and see what is left there.


Dead Drop Falls