Ruins of Rkund in a Knapack at the bottom of a frozen pit.


4th of First Seed -

I've been fooling with this confounded machine for days now! No matter what I do I cannot seem to get all the parts aligned. It seems that the buttons each control two or three pieces at a time and some pieces are controlled by more than one button. I can't find a pattern at all!

17th of First Seed -

There is no pattern to this at all. I have found that if I leave the chamber the puzzle will reset itself, which is a saving grace. It seems to be connected to the door. I am going to go down to the rock chasm for some fresh water and get some air and maybe I can clear my head.

22nd of First Seed -

Well, this just figures. I am certain that no other living soul will read this before I am dead, but it gives me some kind of solace nonetheless. I was down here at the water when it dawned on me; the switches can trigger a non-moving piece while its partners are still in motion, effectively alternating their movement. Since the buttons do not trigger pieces already in motion, if I am able to hit all the buttons while every piece is still in motion, they should all converge to their correct location! I was so thrilled by this revelation that I set out to return to the chamber but slipped on some ice as I made my climb and landed hard, breaking both my legs. 24th of First Seed - Well, Divines, seems that I will be coming to you soon. My entire body is numb from the cold and I fear I’ve been in shock for some time now. I can barely hold this quill to write and my lantern gave up the last of its heat yesterday. I suppose I only have myself to blame.


Ruins of Rkund

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