Looted from Zurin Arctus during Shattered Legacy. It is later obtained as a reward at the end of the quest.


The effect is added as a hidden enchantment, allowing you to add a custom enchantment on top of it.

  • When wielding all 8 parts of the Visage set allows the user to enchant items with one extra enchantment.




  • Zurin Arctus was the head Imperial Battlemage of Tiber Septim, as well as a trusted advisor. Near the end of his life, Arctus was assigned to create a power source for the Numidium, known as the Mantella, to replace the intended power source (the Heart of Lorkhan, which had gone missing). However, after attempting to use the spirit of Ash King Wulfharth to power the Mantella, Zurin was killed by the last breath of Wulfharth's heart. Septim explained things away by claiming Arctus had attempted to assassinate him.
  • Although Arctus himself has never explicitly been named a Dragonborn, the ring's inclusion in the Visage is presumably a reference to the theory that The Underking is a composition of the spirits of Arctus and Wulfharth - the latter has been named as a Dragonborn by several characters in Skyrim, and both men were betrayed by Tiber Septim. This is supported by the fact that both Arctus's Ring and the Treads of Wulfharth are grouped together as part of the "breath of the Father".
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