Crafted at a Tanning Rack from the Vokun mask and 1 Steel Ingot.


  • The display takes both the right and left-handed version, in either enchanted or not enchanted version.
  • You can craft left-handed rings from right-handed rings at a tanning rack.
  • Only one of the Ring of Vokun and Amulet of Vokun can be displayed at the same time, as there is only one Vokun mask.
  • The Ring (both versions) can be re-crafted back into the Vokun mask at a Tanning Rack.
  • If Amulets of Skyrim Tweaks and Fixes by Oooiii is installed, an unenchanted version of both the amulet and the ring can be looted from the Dragon Priest Vokun.
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