Located in the Curator's Office, this station offers two types of replica crafting.

For quest items that are usually turned in to advance a quest, replica recipes will be available that after their creation can be put up for display. Many of these items can only be displayed as a replica, like the Dragonstone and the Jagged Crown. The recipes disappear from the replica station after their creation, however, the crafting stations in the Safehouse will allow for additional replicas to be made.

Certain missed items can have a replica when the original is unavailable, for example Savior's Hide and Ring of Hircine. Which ever item was missed due to quest choices will be provided as a replica option.

Another type of replicas is available for items that are generally put up for display in their original state. Replicas of these items require that you have a copy of them in your inventory (original or a replica). These types of items can always be displayed in either the original or replica form, giving the option to use the original without lowering the display count or storing the more "dangerous" artefacts in Deepholme for example.  These replicas are usually only available for vanilla or Legacy added items, items from other mods (ex. Gray Cowl of Nocturnal) do not have replica options.

Quest Item Replicas

ItemTypeMaterials required
Balgruuf's GreatswordWeapon
Rundi's DaggerWeapon
Borvir's Dagger Weapon
Dragon Priest Staff Weapon
Shagrol's Warhammer Weapon
Queen Freydis's Sword Weapon
Hjalti's Sword Weapon
Dravin's Bow Weapon
Amren's Family Sword Weapon
Alessandra's Dagger Weapon
Akaviri Fireblade of the Guardian Weapon
Akaviri Frostblade of the Guardian Weapon
Akaviri Shockblade of the Guardian Weapon
Grimsever Weapon
Skull of Corruption Weapon
Dragonstone Miscellaneous
  • 1 Quarried Stone
Golden Claw Miscellaneous
Focusing Crystal Miscellaneous
Dwemer Compass Miscellaneous
  • 1 Dwemer Cog
  • 1 Dwemer Gear
  • 2 Dwemer Gyro
Blank Lexicon Miscellaneous
The Black Star Miscellaneous
Azura's Star Miscellaneous
The White Phial Miscellaneous
Arvak's Skull Miscellaneous
Karstaag's Skull Miscellaneous
  • 3 Bone Meal
  • 2 Clay
Glenmoril Witch Head Miscellaneous
  • 1 Hagraven Feathers
  • 1 Skull
Potema's Skull Miscellaneous
  • 1 Copper and Moonstone Circlet
  • 1 Skull
Habd's Remains Miscellaneous
  • 1 Skull
  • 1 Bloody Rags
Skeleton Key Miscellaneous
Bloodstone Chalice Miscellaneous
Mercer's Plans Miscellaneous
  • 1 Roll of Paper
  • 1 Inkwell
Map of Dragon Burials Miscellaneous
  • 1 Roll of Paper
  • 1 Inkwell
Torygg's War Horn Miscellaneous
Horn of Jurgen Windcaller Miscellaneous
Torc of Labyrinthian Miscellaneous
Wylandriah's Spoon Miscellaneous
Crown of Barenziah Miscellaneous
Weystone Focus Miscellaneous
  • 1 Quarried Stone
Pest Poison Miscellaneous
  • 1 Glass
Curious Silver Mold Miscellaneous
  • 1 Firewood
  • 1 Clay
Tolfdir's Alembic Miscellaneous
  • 1 Iron Ore
  • 2 Glass
Vahlok Armor
Krosis Armor
Volsung Armor
Nahkriin Armor
Hevnoraak Armor
Otar Armor
Morokei Armor
Rahgot Armor
Vokun Armor
Konahrik Armor
Vosis Armor
Haldriin Armor
Korthor Armor
  • 2 Stahlrim
Miraak Armor
Ahzidal Armor
Dukaan Armor
Zahkriisos Armor
Roggi's Ancestral Shield Armor
Hrolfdir's Shield Armor
Yisra's Necklace Amulet
Ilas-Tei's Ring Ring
Mystic Tuning Gloves Armor
Jagged Crown Armor
Noster's Helmet Armor
The Forgemaster's Fingers Armor
Helm of Winterhold Armor
The Rueful Axe Weapon
Moon Amulet Amulet
The Moon and Star Ring
Ancient Vampire Hands Miscellaneous
  • 1 Bone Meal
  • 1 Vampire Dust
  • 1 Troll Fat
ItemTypeMaterials Required

Display Replicas

Require either the original item or a replica in your inventory

ItemTypeMaterials required
Nightingale BladeWeapon
Nightingale BowWeapon
Spear of the Snow PrinceWeapon
Aetherial StaffWeapon
Auriel's BowWeapon
Spider Control RodWeapon
Aetherial CrownArmor
Aetherial ShieldArmor
Ancient Shrouded ArmorArmor
  • 3 Leather
Ancient Shrouded BootsArmor
  • 2 Leather
Ancient Shrouded Masked CowlArmor
  • 1 Leather
Ancient Shrouded GlovesArmor
  • 1 Leather
Auriel's ShieldArmor
Blackguard's ArmorArmor
  • 4 Leather
Blackguard's BootsArmor
  • 2 Leather
Blackguard's GlovesArmor
  • 2 Leather
Blackguard's HoodArmor
  • 2 Leather
Guild Master's ArmorArmor
  • 4 Leather
Guild Master's BootsArmor
  • 2 Leather
Guild Master's GlovesArmor
  • 2 Leather
Guild Master's HoodArmor
  • 2 Leather
Storm CuirassArmor
Ice Blade of the MonarchWeapon
General Tullius' ArmorArmor
  • 4 Leather
Kyne's TokenAmulet
Charmed NecklaceAmulet
Savos Aren's AmuletAmulet
Necromancer's AmuletAmulet
Saarthal AmuletAmulet
The Tonal Staff of KaragasWeapon
Amulet of ArticulationAmulet
Dawnguard Rune AxeWeapon
Dawnguard Rune HammerWeapon
Drainblood BattleaxeWeapon
Drainheart SwordWeapon
Drainspell BowWeapon
Gauldur BlackbladeWeapon
Gauldur BlackbowWeapon
Lunar Iron MaceWeapon
Lunar Iron SwordWeapon
Lunar Iron War AxeWeapon
Lunar Steel MaceWeapon
Lunar Steel SwordWeapon
Lunar Steel War AxeWeapon
Staff of Jyrik GauldursonWeapon
  • 1 Greater Soul Gem
  • 1 Firewood
Sword of Ancient TonguesWeapon
Sword of the CrusaderWeapon
Ahzidal's Armor of RetributionArmor
Ahzidal's Boots of WaterwalkingArmor
Ahzidal's Gauntlets of WardingArmor
Ahzidal's Helm of VisionArmor
Dawnguard Rune ShieldArmor
Archmage's RobesArmor
  • 3 Linen Wrap
  • 1 Goat Hide
Armor of the CrusaderArmor
Armor of the Old GodsArmor
  • 4 Leather
Armor of Tiber SeptimArmor
Boots of the CrusaderArmor
Boots of the Old GodsArmor
  • 2 Leather
Deathbrand ArmorArmor
  • 3 Stalhrim
Deathbrand BootsArmor
  • 2 Stalhrim
Deathbrand GauntletsArmor
  • 2 Stalhrim
Deathbrand HelmArmor
  • 2 Stalhrim
Dragonmail CuirassArmor
Gauntlets of the CrusaderArmor
Gauntlets of the Old GodsArmor
  • 2 Leather
Helm of the CrusaderArmor
Helmet of the Old GodsArmor
  • 3 Leather
Lord's MailArmor
Shield of the CrusaderArmor
Shield of YsgramorArmor
Ysgramor's ArmorArmor
Ysgramor's BootsArmor
Ysgramor's CloakArmor
  • 2 Cave Bear Pelts
Ysgramor's GauntletsArmor
Ysgramor's HelmetArmor
Ahzidal's Ring of ArcanaRing
Ahzidal's Ring of NecromancyRing
The Gauldur AmuletAmulet
Bolar's OathbladeWeapon
Cleaver of St. FelmsWeapon
Dragon Priest StaffWeapon
Dwarven Black Bow of FateWeapon
Fang of HaynekhtnametWeapon
  • 1 Dragon Bone
Hevnoraak's StaffWeapon
Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword of ScorchingWeapon
Hrothmund's AxeWeapon
Kahvozein's FangWeapon
Reaper's BaneWeapon
Sixth House Bell HammerWeapon
Staff of RuunvaldWeapon
The LonghammerWeapon
Thrassian PlagueswordWeapon
Ysgramor Battle AxeWeapon
Bipolar BladeWeapon
Blade of SacrificeWeapon
Blade of WoeWeapon
Bloodskal BladeWeapon
Bow of the HuntWeapon
  • 2 Firewood
Briarheart GeisWeapon
  • 1 Firewood
  • 3 Bone Meal
Champion's CudgelWeapon
Cyrus' SaberWeapon
Dagger of SymmachusWeapon
Eye of MelkaWeapon
  • 1 Firewood
Firiniel's EndWeapon
  • 2 Firewood
Froki's BowWeapon
  • 2 Firewood
Gadnor's Staff of CharmingWeapon
  • 1 Firewood
  • 1 Grand Soul Gem
Glass Bow of the Stag PrinceWeapon
  • 2 Firewood
Halldir's StaffWeapon
  • 1 Firewood
  • 1 Common Soul Gem
Harkon's SwordWeapon
Herebane's CourageWeapon
Honorblade of ChorrolWeapon
Hrormir's IcestaffWeapon
Mace of Aevar Stone-SingerWeapon
Sild's StaffWeapon
Staff of Hag's WrathWeapon
  • 1 Skull
  • 1 Firewood
Staff of HasedokiWeapon
Staff of IndarysWeapon
  • 2 Firewood
Staff of MagnusWeapon
  • 2 Firewood
  • 1 Grand Soul Gem
Steel Battleaxe of Fiery SoulsWeapon
Stendarr's HammerWeapon
Underking's WillWeapon
  • 1 Firewood
Valdr's Lucky DaggerWeapon
Boots of the ApostleArmor
Eleidon's WardArmor
Eleidon's WardArmor
Fists of RandagulfArmor
Gilded WristguardsArmor
Gloves of the PugilistArmor
  • 1 Leather
Hands of the AtronachArmor
Herebane's FortressArmor
Ironhand GauntletsArmor
Movarth's BootsArmor
  • 2 Leather
Predator's GraceArmor
  • 2 Leather
Targe of the BloodedArmor
The Forgemaster's FingersArmor
Tumblerbane GlovesArmor
  • 2 Leather
Jyggalag's SwordWeapon
Red Eagle's BaneWeapon
Bow of ShadowsWeapon
Daedric CrescentWeapon
Ebony BladeWeapon
Mace of Molag BalWeapon
Mehrunes' RazorWeapon
Miraak's StaffWeapon
  • 2 Firewood
Miraak's SwordWeapon
  • 2 Firewood
Sanguine RoseWeapon
  • 2 Firewood
Skull of CorruptionWeapon
The Rueful AxeWeapon
Ancient Daedric Face of InspirationArmor
Ancient Daedric Face of TerrorArmor
Ancient Daedric Lord BootsArmor
Ancient Daedric Lord CuirassArmor
Ancient Daedric Lord GauntletsArmor
Ebony MailArmor
Masque of Clavicus VileArmor
Savior's HideArmor
  • 1 Goat Hide
  • 3 Leather
Ring of NamiraRing
ItemTypeMaterials Required
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