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A tracked quest to retrieve the Warlock's Ring.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Locate the Warlock's Ring.
  2. Return to the explorers.

Detailed Walkthrough


Temple of the Venerable Ones



Quest Stages

Relic of Syrabane (DBM_SyrabaneRingQST)
Stage Journal Entry
5 I need to obtain the warlock's ring, relic of Syrabane. Auryen has given me some research notes that may indicate the location of the ring.

Objective 5: Locate the Warlock's Ring.

10 I have obtained the Warlock's ring, relic of Syrabane and should return to the explorers and continue investigating the temple of the venerable ones.

Objective 10: Return to the explorers.


Objective ___: Finishes the quest.

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