Legacy of the Dragonborn

Aim to explore and discover lost places, artifacts, and history, Build the guild house from the ground up as the guild master, then recruit new members, each with their own unique backstories and special guild functions. Explore ruins and excavate relic fragments to re-assemble into artifacts to display in the museum. Set up a guild store with the quartermaster and much more.

List of Supported Mods

You can find a list of supported mods by Legacy of the Dragonborn for both versions here, these range from additional displays to collect to just compatibility/bug fixes.

General Recommendations

Please keep in mind these three rules when playing Legacy of the Dragonborn in order to guarantee the most stable experience possible:

1) Do not add or remove mods after starting a playthrough.

2) Do not use console commands unless instructed to do so by a developer.

3) Save your game regularly using hard saves.


1) Write down the order you should do quests and visit locations to prevent any items being missed (check the Missable Items list below).

2) Do not let any named non-essential NPCs die beyond scripted or mandatory deaths. Many NPCs are needed for quests and if they die, their quests and therefore any items that would be obtained during them also become unavailable. For example, after a dragon attack, use the Detect Dead Spell to check if any important NPC died, if they did, reload a previous save.

3) Frequently return to Auryen and do the Finder's Keepers and Research Project quests as much as possible. However, do beware of quests that send you to an area that would ruin the order you made on point 1. If it happens, either ask Auryen for a new relic or load a previous save (in the case of Research Project).

4) Due to the nature of Legacy of the Dragonborn, a follower (and multiple follower mods) is strongly advised to carry extra items and/or other materials you may need. Items, Powers, and Skill perks that increase carry weight are also advised.

5) Frequently visit Blacksmiths to obtain weapons, armor, and/or materials to fill out the Armory.

6) Once accessible, frequently visit the Arcanaeum for rare books to fill out the Library.

7) Level up your Pickpocketing skill tree as fast as possible for perks like Extra Pockets, Misdirection, Perfect Touch, and Poisoned. By using the Poisoned perk to place a Paralysis Poison in the victim's pocket, and pickpocket them right when they get up, you pickpocket any item with 100% success. Use this trick to get items that are too valuable and therefore normally would always have a 0% chance to pickpocket (This can also be done by using the Ice Form shout, assuming the player is able to lose aggro before the NPC is freed from the shout's effects).

8) Obtain the Malrus' Codex as soon as possible, it gives many benefits to supported mods like Skyrim Unique Treasures, Aetherial Weapons and Armor, and Fossil Mining.

9) If you have the Fossil Mining mod, periodically visit the hot springs area in the Eastmarch hold, and mine the 10 fossil excavations sites scattered throughout the area, each guarantees 2 fossils minimum and a decent chance at the rarest fossils (takes 30 in-game days to respawn).

Missable Items

Each of these locations can either only be visited once or the relics will despawn after your first visit. They will be lost forever if they are not obtained during your first (and last) visit.

Roasted Ox Head
Roasted Ox Leg
Nord Head (requires BadGremlin's Trophy Heads, the main quest completed esp on BadGremlins Trophy Heads mod page places the head atop the Throat of the World instead)
Jade Priest
Dragon Priest Staff (Wall of Lightning) (you must let Nahkriin take it from the seal so you can loot it and thus make the replica later.)
Nahkriin's Gloves (requires Konahrik's Accoutrements)
Nahkriin's Robes (requires Konahrik's Accoutrements)
Nahkriin's Greaves (requires Konahrik's Accoutrements)
Cloak of Nahkriin
Orc Head
Dovah Luv (Technically also obtainable at player level 75 via smithing. Requires Jaysus Swords)
Left Eye of the Falmer
Right Eye of the Falmer
Drainspell Bow
Drainheart Sword
Drainblood Battleaxe
Morokei's Gloves (requires Konahrik's Accoutrements)
Morokei's Robes (requires Konahrik's Accoutrements)
Morokei's Greaves (requires Konahrik's Accoutrements)
Cloak of Morokei
If either of the masks Morokei or Nahkriin are missed, Konahrik becomes unavailable. Without Kohnarik, most items from Konahrik's Accoutrements become unobtainable.
Bloated Man's Grotto
Bolar's Oathblade (Unobtainable during Ill Met by Moonlight and after if Sinding was spared)
Thalmor Embassy
Summerset Royal Mark
Dominion Bronze Piece (also obtainable from a treasure map)
Calliben's Grim Retort (requires Oblivion Artifact Pack)
Thalmor Head (requires BadGremlin's Trophy Heads)
Hag's End
Ancient Shrouded Armor (not obtainable if you decided to destroy the Brotherhood or neglect to kill Gaius Maro in public)
Japhet's Folly
Jade Lady
Pelagius' Mind
Jyggalag's Sword
Silent Halls (Tools of Kagrenac)
Aetherial Amulet (Tools of Kagrenac)
Aetherial Armor (Tools of Kagrenac)
Aetherial Boots (Tools of Kagrenac)
Aetherial Gauntlets (Tools of Kagrenac)
Aetherial Helmet (Tools of Kagrenac)
Aetherial Ring (Tools of Kagrenac)
Peak's Shade Tower (only for Oblivion Artifact Pack V2)
Alvante's Armor
Alvante's Boots
Alvante's Gloves
Alvante's Hood
Shadowgreen Cavern
Claws of Hiefnir (requires Artifacts of Skyrim)
Serpent's Bluff Ruins
Ghazorah's Inferno (requires Artifacts of Skyrim)
Vanvir's Masterpiece (requires Falskaar) (the player must be Level 60 or higher in the Two-Handed Skill to receive it as a reward from a quest)
The Relics added by Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim (Goblet of Infinite Grace, Ebony Raven, Tempus Dominus, Lantern of the Ancestors and Stone of the Forebears), only 1 of each spawns per playthrough in a random Boss chest determined upon the start of a new game, including chests that may be in any of the locations above that cannot be visited after

Quests to Postpone

  • Ill Met by Moonlight
    • Bolar's Oathblade despawns during this quest. Obtain before starting or retrieve after the cell has reset after killing Sinding. Saving Sinding without having picked up the sword makes it unobtainable.
    • If you choose to save Sinding, you will not be able to craft Savior's Hide (Replica). Therefore it is advised to kill & skin Sinding, since you will still be able to craft Ring of Hircine (Replica).
  • A Daedra's Best Friend
    • If you kill Barbas, the Masque of Clavicus Vile becomes unobtainable, nor can you craft the replica. It is therefore advised to save Barbas, since that will allow you to obtain the masque and craft The Rueful Axe (Replica).
  • Lost to the Ages
    • This quest requires you to travel to Raldbthar where it is very hard to avoid fighting Alain Dufont. Killing him during this quest instead of during 'Mourning Never Comes' will result in Muiri's Ring being unobtainable.
  • Civil War
    • It is recommended that you become Thane of every hold before completing the Civil War questline, as siding with either the Empire or the Stormcloaks will make certain quests and unique items unavailable.
    • Finishing this questline will change guards in some holds, making their outfits unobtainable.
    • If you side with the Empire:
    • If you side with the Stormcloaks:
      • Thongvor will become Jarl of Markarth. He will not give you the option to collect Hrolfdir's Shield.
  • Season Unending
    • Will cause certain Jarls to step down making their quests unavailable as mentioned above and change the outfits of town guards, making them unobtainable.
  • Dawnguard
    • Only for users of Royal Armory. This quest usually starts at level 10, and destroys the Hall of the Vigilant, meaning you cannot get Keeper Carcette's unique mace Pendulum. A patch is available to fix this.
  • Revealing the Unseen
    • If you are using Royal Armory, the Dagger of Shalidor will no longer be obtainable after this quest.

Larceny Trophies

The trophies collected during the Thieves Guild quest The Litany of Larceny don't have replica recipes. When you find a trophy, go back to the museum and place the item in its display (using the Display Prep Station or by putting it in the Thieves Guild relics display). Although the item will not appear in your inventory anymore, the quest objective will still remain ("Return the ... to Delvin"). Go back to Delvin and complete the objective. Then, the item will be displayed in both the museum and in the trophy case in the Ragged Flagon Cistern.

If you complete the objective before placing the trophy in the museum, the item could not be displayed in both places. However, if you wish to display it in the museum you can steal it back from the trophy case and place it in the Hall of Secrets.

Please note that the Crown of Barenziah as a replica recipe that will be available automatically when finishing he quest No Stone Unturned. Moreover, trophies that are given for completing guilds jobs will be available regardless of your choice to join or destroy the thieves guilds.


Getting your archeology skill up is a major part of a relic hunter run. As soon as you get your Explorer's Society guild house, you have access to the special skill trees. Look out for excavation dig sites in every dungeon, they yield important fragments for your Hall of Lost Empires. The number of fragments you need for every craftable item is listed below. Note that these numbers would require over 250 minings (without the perks).

Besides mining, the player can send 4 Explorer Society Guild members on excavations (Eriana cannot be sent out) every 3 days to collect fragments. They collect about 5 - 6 pieces each with a decent chance to get keystones.

One other alternative are quests, as both Tools of the Trade and The Excavation of the Ruins of Rkund offer many fragments as a reward.

Fragment Keystone
Dwemer 385 28
Falmer 365 24
Nordic 365 24

Dawnguard vs Volkihar Clan

In the SSE version of Legacy of the Dragonborn all relics are available regardless of which side you pick. The table below only applies to the Classic version.

Not sure what side holds the most relics for you to display? They're listed below.

Volkihar Clan
Amulet of Bats
Amulet of the Gargoyle
Ancient Vampire Leg
Ancient Vampire Ribcage
Ancient Vampire Hands
Ancient Vampire Arm
Ancient Vampire Head
Ring of the Beast
Ring of the Erudite
Bloodstone Chalice
Staff of Ruunvald

Note: The Dwemer Crossbow schematics are made available to Vampires by Legacy of the Dragonborn through the Ancient Technology quest.

Other Quest Choices

Amulets of Skyrim users can only obtain the Amulet of the Rueful Axe by killing Barbas, and users who spare Barbas can acquire the Amulet of Clavicus Vile by exchanging the Masque of Clavicus Vile at a forge for the amulet.

Helpful Mods

Officially Endorsed Mods


Mods that display the icon of Auryen are officially endorsed or created by the development team of Legacy of the Dragonborn. Please note that some mods need patches to work with the LotD mod. For more information check the LotD patch mods, and check here for a full list of patches. Additional endorsed mods can be found in the LotD mod page.

Here are some recommended mods:

The mod allows you to start the game as the guild master for the explorer's society. You will start the game in Solitude and can go directly to the museum. Also, you automatically get additional items. To get this start, choose that start that brings you to Solitude by a ship. Then, when you get off to the docks you will get a message that asks you if you want to start the game as a relic hunter. After approving it, you can start the game. If you want to trigger the original Dragonborn questline, travel to Helgen and the quest will automatically start.

The mod adds each museum item UI one of the following icons: a new item, a found item that is located in your inventory but isn't displayed in the museum, and a displayed item. The mod helps you keep track of which items you already collected.

Other Mods

A list of mods that can assist you in the game. However, keep in mind that these mods are not officially endorsed by the developers.

Allows you to get both artifacts from quests where you would normally have to choose only one of two.

Allows you to get both side's artifacts from the Dawnguard quest chains. A third party legacy patch exists for this mod, be sure to get it. This should not be used with v5 for SE.

Makes some Royal Armory artifacts like Dagger of Shalidor and Pendulum more accessible, and all artifacts are slightly easier to pickpocket.

This mod adds new locations to many of the items added by the Amulets of Skyrim SSE mod that become unavailable due to player choice, such as the Dragon Priest amulets/rings (of which only one can be obtained due to only one of each Dragon Priest mask being available per playthrough). Also makes some Amulets of Skyrim artifacts more accessible. Allows you to get amulets that will be inaccessible due to your quest choice (e.g., Amulet of Azura's Star Vs. Amulet of the Black Star).

This mod makes Aetherium Ore respawn, making it easier to collect items from the Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation mod.

Keeps your unused training sessions for later. Good if you are looking to boost your pickpocket to high levels to get equipped artifacts, or activating the skill-related displays.

If you would rather barter with people for their items, NPC Bartering allows you to do just that [Note: In SSE NPCs will NOT sell their EQUIPPED weapons. They will sell unequipped weapons. Unknown if same is true in Classic].

Will show books as having been read or not simply by hovering the cursor over them in the world. If the Curators Companion is installed, then they will display the current status of a displayable item.

This mod allows you to quickly scan bookcases etc for unread books, without having to hover over every book individually. Note: In Classic this mod is known to make Calcemo's note during Much Ado About Snow Elves appear blank.

This mod adds over 700 new map markers, allowing you to bypass the usual once-per-playthrough restrictions on Japhet's Folly and Skuldafn, should you miss any of the artifacts at either location.