Legacy of the Dragonborn

Requirements: Either use Schneider's Sextant or the Locate Relic power

To start, use either Schneider's Sextant or cast the Locate Relic spell. If a trackable relic is nearby, the quest will show up in the questlog. Note that even if no trackable relic is nearby, the spell will go on its 24 hour cooldown.

Locate Relic

A quest will show up in your log, giving a trackable quest marker to the nearest relic.

However, not all displayable items can be found this way. Even unique bookscan't be tracked. Items that are part of other quests also can't be tracked, for example the Fists of Randagulf or the Explorer relics.

However, it is possible to find items from supported mods, like fishbowls, unique treasures or jars.

Quest Stages

Relic Hunt (DBM_SextantHandler)
Stage Journal Entry
My research indicates this place should have a relic of some sort and the sextant seems to confirm it. I should explore this place completely.

Objective :