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{{Missing information|Location picture(s), refID, more precise location information, precise museum display}}
Redwave (Oblivion Artifact Pack)|Oblivion Artifact Pack version
Redwave (More Interesting Loot)|More Interesting Loot version
|image1 ={{Gallery|
Redwave.jpg{{!}}More Interesting Loot
RedwaveOAP.jpg{{!}}Oblivion Artifact Pack
|Type =One-Handed Weapon
|Subtype =Sword
|Weight =10
|Value =771 (More Interesting Loot)<br>2560 (Oblivion Artifact Pack)
|Enchantment='''More Interesting Loot''': Reduces Health by 15 points for 6 seconds. <br>'''Oblivion Artifact Pack''': Reduces Health by 15 points.
|Museum =3rd oblivion artifacts display in the [[Upper Gallery]].
|Deepholme =
|Origin ={{Abb|MIL}} or {{Abb|OAP}}
|RefID =0AC5EC (More Interesting Loot)<br>'''XX''' (Oblivion Artifact Pack)
<onlyinclude>With {{Abb|MIL}} and its Legacy patch installed, it is found randomly in loot containers. With {{Abb|OAP}} and its Legacy patch installed, it is found in the Redwave in Solitude Docks, . With both mods and their patches installed, the {{Abb|OAP}} location wins.</onlyinclude>
==Oblivion Artifact Pack Location==
===Redwave in Solitude Docks===
Image_needed.jpg{{!}}Location in Redwave
Image_needed.jpg{{!}}Redwave map
Image_needed.jpg{{!}} on map
[[Category:More Interesting Loot]]
[[Category:Oblivion Artifact Pack]]
[[Category:Upper Gallery]]

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